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Air Conditioning Loganholme

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Loganholme has an average of 5 and a half months of uncomfortable humidity. This makes the humid summer unbearable without an efficient air conditioning system. Therefore, it is a must to know a reliable air conditioning contractor who will ensure your AC is always at its best condition. Call us on 0430 814 516.

Air Conditioning Services for Loganholme



Why Do You Need an Efficient Air Conditioning System in Loganholme?

People in Loganholme enjoy long summers and with prolonged periods of uncomfortable humidity every year. For this reason, your only source of refuge is a cost efficient air conditioning system.

Aside from keeping you comfortable during the summer season, aircon units also aid in preventing your properties from damages such as

  • Formation of moulds
  • Breeding of bugs and mites
  • Peeling of wall paint
  • Development of a muggy atmosphere

But how will commercial properties benefit from an efficient air conditioning system in Loganholme?

Air conditioning system also helps in preserving the quality of most products while making shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, display homes and other businesses more inviting to potential customers.


What Type of Air Conditioning Systems Can We Install in Loganholme?

Here at  2 Cool Refrigeration and Air Conditioning we are skilled and experienced in installing and fixing almost all types of residential and commercial air conditioners. This includes but is not limited to the following:


Window-type AC system

This AC system is a single unit AC. It is usually installed in a box-shaped slot on walls.


Split-type AC system

As the name implies, this is an AC unit with an indoor and an outdoor part, both of which are connected by pipes.


Ducted-type AC system

Ducted AC is similar to a split type air conditioner because it also has two components: an indoor and outdoor unit.  However, its indoor unit is connected to several ducts for each room, which provides simultaneous cooling of rooms using a single unit.

Do you need help in choosing the suitable air conditioning system for your home and business? Read on to know the different types of AC services we can deliver to homes and businesses in Loganholme.


Our Air Conditioning Services for Homes and Businesses in Loganholme

We have extensive experience in handling air conditioning works. Our team of licensed and highly qualified AC technicians and experts are knowledgeable and skilled to provide excellent services including:


Cleaning of AC filters

Trapped dirt in filters is one of the most common problems of air conditioning units. If left unattended, accumulated dirt will breed bacteria and viruses which may cause various respiratory infections.

Here at 2 Cool Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we ensure you enjoy a safe and germ free air through extensive filter cleaning services. Send us a message.


Checking and maintenance of gas levels

Do you know that with low gas levels, your air conditioner will be producing less cool air than normal. Therefore, it is important to maintain the gas level of your air conditioning units.

So if you feel like your air conditioning unit is not cooling like before, it is best to call us for help.


Fixing electrical connection

We understand that proper electrical wiring when performing AC installation and repairs is important. This is to avoid injuries or fire accidents. Thus, we make sure that your AC’s electrical connection is safe to use and free of hazards.

Don’t settle for anything less. Choose an air conditioning expert in Loganholme who will always deliver the highest quality of service. Call us on 0430 814 516.


Checking of air flows and installation of fan

Damages in the unit’s fan will reflect on your air conditioner’s performance. It hinders the AC’s performance as it produces warm air rather than the cool air expected from it during the summer season.

Knowledgeable and highly qualified AC technicians can easily locate the root of these air flow problems and get it fixed in no time. Talk to us, should you need someone to check on your unit.


Preventive component replacement

One of the key factors to ensure your AC unit will last longer is to hire someone to regularly check and inspect it. This means the regular checking of coils, valves and other components of your air conditioners.

Let a reliable team of AC maintenance do this for you. Give us a call to schedule your aircon maintenance and cleaning, today.


Why Choose Us for Your Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Needs in Loganholme


We are close to your home

We are very accessible and can quickly attend to you, even during emergency situations. In this manner, you are rest assured that we will always be there to help you.


We are local contractor

As your local Loganholme air conditioning contractor, we are much aware of the climate and geographical condition. This knowledge allows us to pattern our solutions to the factors in the area that may affect your ACs performance.



We have years of experience in the industry

With years of experience in air conditioning works, we offer honest and useful solutions to make running an AC in your house, workplace or businesses, effective.

So what are you waiting for? Save our phone number: 0430 814 516 for any emergency AC repairs otherwise complete our online form to get a free quote on the air conditioning services we deliver in Loganholme.

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January 18, 2024
Tim was wonderful and fitted us in as quickly as possible. He was able to fix our air conditioning system and we are very happy with the job!
Jessica Edsall
Jessica Edsall
January 3, 2024
Excellent service, very timely install. Neat and tidy job- 2 big units, no mess. Friendly too.
Paul Van Zelst
Paul Van Zelst
December 31, 2023
These guys were great installing a small split system at home! Thorough, fast and efficient workmanship. Plus they cleaned up after themselves properly... Which is hard to find with other tradies. 🤗 A1 lads..Highly recommend
Melissa Forman
Melissa Forman
December 29, 2023
During the time that I wasn’t receiving any responses between Christmas and New Year’s, I was answered by a very helpful person that helped me trouble-shoot over the phone! So happy, because it had been 36 and 37 degrees for the past few days! THANK YOU!!! 😊
Emma Phillips
Emma Phillips
December 20, 2023
Fantastic communication amazing service and super quick installation. Very professional left the site immaculate, was very helpful and knowledgeable about placement of units. So happy to be cool on these extremely hot days! Highly recommend Tim and the gang at 2 Cool!
Amy Howley
Amy Howley
December 5, 2023
Awesome, affordable, flexible, neat work and efficient service! Thanks guys! We are stoked! 😀
Christine Leeson
Christine Leeson
January 3, 2023
Tim from 2 Cool was fantastic... Great price, really helpful advice, great quality work (super neat and tidy - plus logical placement of units etc). As a bonus Tim and his team were genuinely nice people. Highly recommended.
Melisa Parsons
Melisa Parsons
October 20, 2022
Had two systems installed at seperate times and he has provided a quality air con a better price then competitors. Had an issue with a ac drain hose caused by others, he came and fixed it quick smart.
Gas Li (Gas)
Gas Li (Gas)
June 6, 2022
The team were awesome. Tim came and help with an initial assessment and then was really helpful and honest when it came time to replace the AC unit. His quotes, ETA and service on the day of the job was great. Will definitely use him again and would recommend him to others.
Grace W
Grace W
January 14, 2021
Tim took the time to look at our house and explain all the options available. We ended up having him install 3 new air cons for us. He was friendly, on time, good value, and finished quickly. Highly recommend!