No amount of caffeine can ever compare to having a good rest at night in waking you up well in the morning. You’ll be able to get out of bed without feeling lethargic or incomplete.

Stay comfortable this Summer with an Efficient Air Conditioning System

As a result, you can do your daily routine with full energy and strength. However, to be able to have a good night sleep, creating a good and comfortable sleeping environment is important. Or else, you will end up tossing around and having disturbed sleep.


Summer will be upon us in no time, so this article shares with you how you can stay comfortable in the summer months through an efficient air conditioning system without consuming more energy. Read on.


Is it important to keep a cool temperature while sleeping at night?


Sleeping at night with a hot, uncomfortable temperature is possible. However, it will surely result in poor sleep quality. Therefore, functioning properly in the morning will be hard for you. One night with poor sleep quality may be okay, but several nights of it can lead to serious problems.


Actually, from 2016 to 2017, Australia has recorded 3,017 deaths due to lack of sleep. 389 of those deaths was because the driver has fallen asleep on their wheels.


We don’t want that for you.


Do you think you can properly focus on your driving if you have had a bad night sleep? Most probably, not. Don’t put yourself at risk. So, save yourself and your family from potentially serious problems by using an AC at night.


To effectively wake up to livelier and healthier mornings, let an efficient AC system help you get a good night sleep even during summer.


If you’re worrying that an AC will double up your electric bill, follow our tips below on how you can stay comfortable during these summer nights without raising your energy consumption.


To achieve a comfortable environment and quality night sleep, combine our tips below with the ideal temperature setting of your AC written at the end of this article.


Tips to combine when you use Air Conditioners to cool you at home:


1. Wear thinner clothes with light colour. This will help you feel fresher and you can feel more the cold air generated by your AC. Cotton type of clothes will be the coolest option.


2. Close the windows and doors, especially when the day is super hot. This blocks hot air from getting inside the house during summer and stops the cold air from escaping your home.


3. Cool only the rooms you are using. This reduces the amount of work the AC needs to do. Thus, the energy it’ll use will also be reduced, allowing you to save more money.


4. Draught-proof your house. Doing this will help in keeping the refrigerated air inside your home.


5. Use thinner bedding too to keep your bed from feeling hot.


6. Drink cool water before you go to bed to feel cooler.


7. Use your fans wisely by allowing them to circulate the refrigerated air from your AC. If it’s possible, install a ceiling fan. This can effectively push down the cold air that had cuddled up in your ceiling. Thus, it will help make your room feel colder.


8. Switch off and plug out the other heat sources like microwaves, rice cooker, oven, coffee maker, and even lights. Yes, your lights can add to the heat in your home.


9. Ask a professional air conditioning technician to conduct a routine check-up, cleaning, and maintenance on your AC. A dirty filter can block the cold air an AC can produce, making it ineffective in cooling your home.


Do these things along with setting your AC on the ideal temperature of 24 to 25 degrees during summer. So, you can stay cool without having a larger bill at the end of the month. Remember, every degree that you lower your AC temperature, the more it adds to your bill.


Why? Because it will need to work double-time to reach the temperature you have asked. Therefore, double-time means double energy consumption it will need to do the work.


Words of Advice


It is important to get ready early to stay cool and get a good quality sleep at night during the summer season to come and it doesn’t need to be expensive. By applying these simple steps, you can provide yourself and your home with an efficient air conditioning system.


And lastly, make sure that you are using an energy-efficient type of air conditioner. This type of AC will not only help you to stay cool in summer – but it can also help you save money from your electric bill.


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