Have you ever wondered why your energy bill suddenly soared in winter compared with summer? Or is your air conditioner starting to require frequent checking and repair which adds up to the household expenses?

Stay comfortable this Summer with an Efficient Air Conditioning System

In this article, we will share to you what might be the problem with your air conditioning unit that makes running it expensive. Let’s begin.


The Convenience of an AC Unit Delivers


Having an air conditioning unit in your home is very ideal to reduce the effects of summer heat. It doesn’t just cool your indoors but lessens the relative humidity into a bearable degree as well. Some air conditioners such as reverse split type can even function as heaters during cold seasons.


However, there are times when the advantages of running air conditioning units in your home can come with a hefty price. And when we say the price, we mean the “literal thing”, which is the amount you are paying to keep the AC running.


What could have caused a sudden increase in its energy usage? We’ve listed some of the possible reasons below:


The AC must have exhausted its life span


Most air conditioning units can only last up to 10 years of continuous usage. If the unit you owned had already exceeded ten years, then this might be the reason why it can play up and give you weird noises.


So what should I do about it?


Newly installed units need to be serviced at least once a year to make sure your warranty is still valid. This makes servicing a wiser choice than having to buy a new one. But if your air conditioning unit is always seeking attention because of the frequent calls you need to make to your AC technician, then it is a cost-effective decision to upgrade it instead.


The AC unit may need cleaning


If your recently installed air conditioner suddenly functions less than it normally does, then the problem might be the accumulated dirt inside of it. Manual cleaning of the air conditioning unit often pushes the dirt further inside the coils, which can affect the AC’s function.


Call the help of an AC technician to check it for a possible sludge buildup before the unit gets seriously damaged. This will not only improve its performance but it will also make the AC unit last longer.




Most of the modern air conditioning units available in the market are designed to be energy-saving with built-in features to boost efficiency. If you suspect that your air conditioner at home is responsible for the sudden increase in electric consumption, then it most likely needs servicing or replacement.


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