Whilst the rest of Australia is worried about increased energy bill this winter, Brisbane is fortunate to see a decreased energy bill during this season. In fact, Compare The Market showed that Brisbane and its surrounds have shown decreased energy bill amounting to $75.66 during winter. The chart below shows the details:

decreased energy bill - How to Stay Warm this Winter while Saving More -

But do you know that you can save even more by using your AC rather than your gas heater?

Canstarblue said that the average reverse-cycle AC can cost you $0.13 to $0.36 an hour of heating. This is cheaper than the hourly cost of a gas heater as shown in the chart published by Choice.

hourly cost of a gas heater - How to Stay Warm this Winter while Saving More


For this reason, reverse AC is definitely a cheaper option. But aside from this, there are other ways you can keep your home warm without pushing your AC to its limits. Read on to know more.


5 Simple Thing to Reduce Energy Cost During Winter


How to Stay Warm this Winter while Saving More


Here are 5 simple things you can do to save money from your air conditioner this winter.


#1 Insulate your home


Properly insulating your roof and the holes in your walls can greatly help with keeping the heat inside.


Insulation will block the hot air from escaping the house. It acts as a thermal buffer between the inside of your home and the weather outside it. This helps your AC effectively heat up your home by trapping the hot air inside, therefore preventing heat loss.


Seek help from a professional air conditioning specialist and electrician to assist you with insulating your home. With their help, you can ensure that your home is properly and safely insulated for winter.


#2 Close the doors and windows


This may sound simple but this is one of the most obvious things you can do to lower your energy consumption, both in winter and summer seasons.


REMEMBER: Each time you open your door and windows, hot air produced by your AC unit to keep your house warm escapes. For these reasons, your AC works harder. The more work your unit is doing, the more energy it will use.


So if you want to save more money from your air conditioner this winter, always close your doors and windows.


#3 Use ceiling fans


This may sound weird for some but ceiling fans are great in helping your house warm up during winter.




It pushes the hot air to go up and the cold air to stay down.


So, when you combine ceiling fans with your AC, the ceiling fan can push down and circulate the heat that was produced by the AC. Therefore, the hot air can be effectively spread in the room you’re in. This reduces the cold air that is staying below.

But wouldn’t this add up to my energy consumption?


Ceiling fans only use a small amount of energy to operate. So, your AC won’t have to work double-time to heat up your home. This means less energy consumption and lower energy bill for you.


#4: Double Glazed windows


Double glazed windows can stop the hot air from escaping and the cold air from getting inside the house. So if you haven’t thought about this yet, then it’s about time you start thinking of adding this to your plans. Not only will it make your house warm but it will also make it more beautiful.


#5 Utilise the curtains and carpets


Utilising the curtains and carpets of your home is another simple yet obvious things that can help you save money this winter. If you are using curtains at home, see to it that you invest with curtains that have thermal backing or you can choose curtains that are thick with multiple layers.


How do you maximise the use of these curtains?


The trick that you need to do with your curtain is, you wrap it open during daylight to allow the sunlight and heat to get inside the house. Then before the sun goes down, close the curtain to prevent the hot air from evaporating outside your home.


Oh, and don’t forget the carpets and rugs. They can also actually help in trapping the hot air in your house. Simple and effective.


Bonus tip


Since you’ve come down this way, here’s a bonus tip for you.


Experts suggest using your AC at an ideal temperature setting of 20-22 degrees during winter. This way, your AC will not consume too much energy. Combine this with the tips above and you will surely save more on your next energy bill in winter.


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