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Air Conditioning Services for Ormeau



Why Do You Need an Efficient Air Conditioning System in Ormeau?

Ormeau is famous for the various water activities it offers. However, the surrounding water also poses threats to air conditioning systems in the area. One of such threats is the rusting of outdoor components. The high precipitation level and constant exposure of appliances to muggy air also result in quicker rusting of these units.

Due to these factors, homes and offices are in need of a cost efficient air conditioning systems in Ormeau. Without this, it would be very difficult to endure the long summer of the region. However, to enjoy the cooling benefits of your AC units, you need to ensure it is well maintained by skilled and experienced aircon technicians in the area.

Why is this so?

Having your air conditioning system regularly checked and maintained can prevent possible damages to the unit. Thus, finding a reliable contractor to handle the regular repair and maintenance of your units is a must.


What Type of Air Conditioning Systems Can We Install in Ormeau?

With years of experience in the industry, our team of AC technicians are skilled and knowledgeable in various types of residential and commercial air conditioning systems. This includes the following:


Window-type AC system for Ormeau

This is the most common air conditioning system for many households and even in small shops. Although small compared to other aircon units, this has the capacity to cool a single room and is typically placed in a window sill.


Do you need help in maintaining your window type AC units? We can help. Send us a message.


Split-type AC system for Ormeau

Split type air conditioning system has two components, an indoor and an outdoor. The indoor part is often placed on walls near the ceiling. The outdoor component is a much larger part where the compressor is located.

Choose an AC technician who knows the ins and outs of all these components. Call us on  0430 814 516.


Ducted-type AC system for Ormeau

Ducted AC has an outdoor component as well and the indoor unit has several channels connected to each room in a house. This feature makes the ducted AC convenient in cooling many rooms at the same time.

Do you need assistance in picking the right air conditioning system? Talk to us, today.


Our Air Conditioning Services for Homes and Businesses in Ormeau

2 Cool Refrigeration and Air Conditioning provides excellent air conditioning services for homes and businesses in Ormeau. Schedule an appointment with us should you need any of the following services:


Cleaning of filters

Some of the most common issues with air conditioning systems is the  sludge build-up in filters. When left unchecked, the sludge will breed bacteria and viruses that can cause various health risks. Therefore, we offer filter cleaning services which will give you the comfort of enjoying germ-free air.


Checking and maintenance of gas levels

For an air conditioning system to operate, an adequate amount of gas is needed. The air conditioner wouldn’t work well with low gas levels. Hence, we make sure that your air conditioning unit’s gas level is always at the appropriate amount to keep it running good.


Fixing electrical connection

Safe electrical connection is necessary in order to prevent accidents. Thus, we ensure that your air conditioner’s wiring is safe from electrical hazards.


Checking of air flows and installation of fan

Damages in the air conditioning fan will affect the efficiency of the unit. Not only will the air conditioner malfunctions, but it will require more energy consumption as well. We are very experienced in finding the source of such problems and can fix it in no time.


Preventive component replacement if required

Your air conditioning system requires good maintenance for it to last. Regular inspection of your air conditioner will let you avoid early replacement of the unit. We also do repairs of air conditioners if necessary.

If you have a particular AC issue that needs to be addressed, send us a message and we’ll be happy to offer our service.


Why Choose Us for Your Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Needs in Ormeau

The thing that makes Ormeau stand out from other suburbs is it’s convenient location. Make it more enjoyable by ensuring your AC unit delivers its best.

Here at 2 Cool Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we believe in the strict adherence to convenience. Thus, we guarantee that your AC system is regularly maintained so it will always provide comfort to your family and visitors.

We have been servicing the region for more than a decade and are pleased to see our happy customers satisfied with the services we deliver. Save our number, 0430 814 516, for any of your refrigeration and air conditioning needs in Ormeau.

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January 18, 2024
Tim was wonderful and fitted us in as quickly as possible. He was able to fix our air conditioning system and we are very happy with the job!
Jessica Edsall
Jessica Edsall
January 3, 2024
Excellent service, very timely install. Neat and tidy job- 2 big units, no mess. Friendly too.
Paul Van Zelst
Paul Van Zelst
December 31, 2023
These guys were great installing a small split system at home! Thorough, fast and efficient workmanship. Plus they cleaned up after themselves properly... Which is hard to find with other tradies. 🤗 A1 lads..Highly recommend
Melissa Forman
Melissa Forman
December 29, 2023
During the time that I wasn’t receiving any responses between Christmas and New Year’s, I was answered by a very helpful person that helped me trouble-shoot over the phone! So happy, because it had been 36 and 37 degrees for the past few days! THANK YOU!!! 😊
Emma Phillips
Emma Phillips
December 20, 2023
Fantastic communication amazing service and super quick installation. Very professional left the site immaculate, was very helpful and knowledgeable about placement of units. So happy to be cool on these extremely hot days! Highly recommend Tim and the gang at 2 Cool!
Amy Howley
Amy Howley
December 5, 2023
Awesome, affordable, flexible, neat work and efficient service! Thanks guys! We are stoked! 😀
Christine Leeson
Christine Leeson
January 3, 2023
Tim from 2 Cool was fantastic... Great price, really helpful advice, great quality work (super neat and tidy - plus logical placement of units etc). As a bonus Tim and his team were genuinely nice people. Highly recommended.
Melisa Parsons
Melisa Parsons
October 20, 2022
Had two systems installed at seperate times and he has provided a quality air con a better price then competitors. Had an issue with a ac drain hose caused by others, he came and fixed it quick smart.
Gas Li (Gas)
Gas Li (Gas)
June 6, 2022
The team were awesome. Tim came and help with an initial assessment and then was really helpful and honest when it came time to replace the AC unit. His quotes, ETA and service on the day of the job was great. Will definitely use him again and would recommend him to others.
Grace W
Grace W
January 14, 2021
Tim took the time to look at our house and explain all the options available. We ended up having him install 3 new air cons for us. He was friendly, on time, good value, and finished quickly. Highly recommend!